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Departments > Parks and Recreation > Parks & Rental Information > Parks & Facilities (Descriptions & Map)

Parks and Recreation

Parks & Rental Information

Parks and Facilities


Click the Facility or Park name that is underlined to view picture(s).

1.  CAI Building, 5640 N. Williams Lake Road - Located between Dixie Highway and Williams Lake Road.  Housing for the Golden Age Club / 50+ Recreation Program and enrichment classes.  Facilities include room rentals, softball field, picnic shelter and children's play area.

2.  Recreation Office (P&R), 5200 Civic Center Drive - Located in Town Hall.  Housing the office for the Recreation Office.   

3.  Waterford Township Library, 5168 Civic Center Drive - Located in the Civic Center Campus along with Town Hall, DPW building and the 51st District Court House.  Offers adult, teen and children's programs and classes. 

4.  Waterford Senior Center, 3621 Pontiac Lake Road - Located between Cass Lake Road and M-59.  Enrichment classes, health and support services offered.

5.  Waterford Civic Center (CCSF), 5200 Civic Center Drive - 52.2 acre site located off of Crescent Lake Road, between M-59 and Hatchery Road.  Facilities include:  Township Hall Offices, pond for ice skating, and soccer fields.  Also part of this complex is the Warming House: rental facility includes a meeting room (40 person), restrooms, sink, microwave and an attached pavilion with fireplace.

6.  Bay Court Park, 6970 Andersonville Road - Located between Airport Road and Nelsey Road.  This park is part of the Independence Township Park System, 248-625-8223.

7.  Clinton River Canoe Site, 5971 Elizabeth Lake Road - 2.5 acres located on the Clinton River at Elizabeth Lake Road, just east of Airport Road.  Facilities include a public canoe landing, parking lot, children's play area, picnic shelter, park grills and tables.

8.  Drayton Plains Nature Center (DPNC), 2125 Denby - Located in the Drayton Woods Subdivision off Hatchery Road.  Facilities include interpretive nature center building, fish hatchery ponds, hiking trails and pinic pavilion.

9.  Elizabeth Lake Woods Park -  305 acres located off Lochaven Road and Cooley Lake Road.  Small parking area, primitive trails and nature preserve.

10.   Fish Hatchery Park, 4490 Hatchery Road - 7.2 acres located between Frembes Road and Dixie Highway.  Facilities include a renovated historical village, office and museum of the Waterford Historical Society, restrooms, picnic shelters, board walk, fishing and canoe docks.

11.  Herrington Park, 1216 Lochaven Road - 32 acres, Facilities include concessions, restrooms, two lighted and irrigated ballfields, picnic shelter, children's play area and nature trail.

12.  Hess-Hathaway Park (Hess), 825 S. Williams Lake Road - Located between Elizabeth Lake Road and Cooley Lake Road.  Facilities include a "All Kids Playground", restored 1860's farmhouse, animal exhibit barn, softball field, 4 hourseshoe pits, 2 sand volleyball courts, picnic shelters, gazebo, restrooms, nature trails for hiking, also available by appointment only hayrides and farm animal tours.  No pets are allowed.

  Lions Park, 4250 Fenmore - 26.5 acres located on Fenmore off Elizabeth Lake Road.  Facilities include a picnic shelter, restrooms and a lighted-irrigated baseball field.

14.  Maceday Lake Park - 7 acres located on Rich Drive, undeveloped land includes 3+ acres of inaccessible Bird Sanctuary.  The parking lot is limited to 2 cars.

15.  Marion Street Park - 17 acres located at teh end of Marion Street off Elizabeth Lake Road.  Facilities incude paved and primitive trails and limited parking.

16.  Optimist Park, 5320 Elizabeth Lake Road - 10 acres located on Elizabeth Lake Road between Crescent Lake Road and Airport Road.  Facilities include concessions, restrooms, three irrigated softball fields, children's play area, picnic shelter and basketball court.

17.  Pontiac Lake Recreation State Park, 7800 Gale Road - located off N. Williams Lake Road.  Facilities include miles of hiking/biking trails, horseback riding, beach and campground.  This park is run by the DNR, 248-666-1020.

18.  Rotary Park, 5485 Tubbs Road - 8.4 acres located between Airport Road and Crescent Lake Road.  Facilities include a picnic shelter, restrooms, concessions, two softball fields, children's play area and home of Waterford Lacrosse and Waterford Corsairs.

19.  Shell Park, 4373 Dixie Highway - 13 acres located off Dixie Highway between Hatchery Road and Williams Lake Road.  Facilities include three lighted softball fields with benches and stands, picnic shelter, tables, grills, children's play area, concessions and restrooms.

20.  Waterford Oaks County Park, 1702 Scott Lake Road - Located on Scott Lake Road between Watkins Lake Road and Dixie Highway.  Facilities include a water park with a wave pool, water slide, the "Big Bucket", Ragin' Rapids, picnic shelters volleyball courts, BMX track and a Lookout Lodge.  This park is run by Oakland County Parks & Recreation, 248-858-0906.

21.  Dodge Park No. 4, 4250 Parkway Drive - Located off Cass Elizabeth Road.  Facilities include a boat launch, fishing, picnic shelters, children's play area, swimming, hiking and cross country skiing.   This park is run by the DNR, 248-682-7323.

22.  Adams Elementary School, 3810 Clintonville Road

23.  Beaumont Elementary School, 6532 Elizabeth Lake Road

24.  Burt Elementary School, 581 S. Winding

25.  Cooley Elementary School, 2000 Highfield

26.  Donelson Hills Elementary School, 2690 Wewoka

27.  Haviland Elementary School, 5305 Cass Elizabeth Road

28.  Houghton Elementary School, 8080 Elizabeth Lake Road

29.  Knudsen Elementary School, 5449 Crescent Road

30.  Riverside Elemenarty School, 5280 Farm Road  

31.  Sandburg Elementary School, 1355 Merry Road

32.  Schoolcraft Elementary School, 6400 Maceday Drive

33.  Stepanski Early Childhood Center, 6010 Hatchery Road

34.  Waterford Village Elementary School, 4241 Steffens

35.  Mason Middle School, South Campus, 3835 W. Walton Blvd. - Located 1 mile east of Sashabaw Road.  Facilities include a track, one baseball, two softball fields, outdoor basketball cours, one football/soccer field, three tennis courts and gymnasium.

36.  Mason Middle School, North Campus, 3800 W. Walton Blvd. - Located 1 mile east of Sashabaw Road.  Facilities incude a gymnasium.

37.  Pierce Middle School, 5145 Hatchery Road - Located on Hatchery Road near Crescent Lake Road.  Facilities include a track, gymnasium, baseball and softball field, football field and a soccer field.

38.  Waterford Kettering High School, 2800 Kettering Drive - Located on Kettering Drive off Hatchery Road.  Facilities include a fitness center, pool, track, one baseball field, two softball fields and a gymnasium.

39.  Waterford Mott High School, 1151 Scott Lake Road - Located on Scott Lake Road between Watkins Lake Road and Pontiac Lake Road.  Facilities include a fitness center, pool, track, two baseball fields and a gymnasium.  

40.  Kurzman Administration Office, Covert Center, 1150 Scott Lake Road - Waterford School District Administration Offices.  

41.  Waterford Continuing Education, Kurzman Administration Services, Crary Campus, 501 N. Cass Lake Road - Located on North Cass Lake Road just north of M-59.  Facilities include one baseball field and one softball field, football/soccer field, a gymnasium, GED classes and enrichment classes.