Civil Infraction Online Payments After Due Date

Make a Payment After Due Date 

The 51st District Court in Waterford now accepts credit and debit card payments for civil infraction fines and costs made after their due date through G2G Payments. This online payment system allows payments with a major credit card, debit, or pre-paid debit card. This payment includes a service fee. The following payment options include:  

  •  American Express  
  •  Discover
  •  MasterCard
  •  Various debit cards
  •  Visa

 Required Information

Payment can be made for civil infraction fines and costs after the due date. To make a payment, you will need to provide the following information:    

  •  Defendant's first, middle, and last name
  •  Date of birth
  • Ticket or case number
  • Defendant's street address
  • Defendant's phone number