Drug Disposal

The Waterford Police Department offers a drop off site for unused medications/drugs that are no longer needed. A small black drop-type box has been placed adjacent to the records window in the Police Department lobby. It is placed there as a means for you, the public, to safely dispose of any medications/drugs that expired or you no longer use. It functions similar to a mail box. Simply open the bin on the top of the unit and place the items inside. When the bin is closed, the items drop down inside the unit. Please feel free to use this service at any time. Remember it is not safe to flush medications down the toilet system nor is it safe to wash medications down the drain.

Please Note: No syringes or needles are accepted. For places to dispose of these please see Sharps Disposal (PDF). No liquids or aerosols can be accepted either. Please contact your local pharmacy or hospital for proper disposal of these items.

Address Signs

In an emergency – you dial 911 - you need police assistance immediately, but can the officer find your home or business?

When a police officer is dispatched to answer a call for assistance, the officer needs to be able to find your address quickly. Quite often an officer will arrive in the general area only to find that the specific address is not listed on the home or business. In other words, your call for assistance is put on hold while the officer searches for the location.

Please make sure that your address is large and legible and in a location that is easily viewed from the street. This reminder is for the safety of you and your family members. Please inform friends and neighbors. “Policing is a Partnership” – please assist us so that we can keep you safe.

Waterford Resident Contact Information

If you are a Waterford Township resident and you have a question about local law enforcement matters or general questions about the Waterford Police Department that are not addressed on this site, please email the Police Department. Please include your name in your request. All emails will be replied to within 72 hours.

If you have a tip relating to a crime, please email your tip. Your tips will be investigated. You do not need to include your name if you do not want to.